An image shows trigger fucntion and control for a small beretta handgun

Things To Consider When Choosing A CC Gun: Triggers

Hopefully by this point in our series of articles you have learned a few things and have started to narrow down the search for your ideal Concealed Carry Gun. This post will focus on Triggers.  Mainly trigger function and trigger control.  We have covered a lot so far, but we still have a few critical […]

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a small pistol shows the micro sizes for concealed carry

Things To Consider When Choosing A CC Gun: Size

Part 2 – Things To Consider When Choosing A CC Gun: Pistol Size In our last article we discussed caliber considerations for your perfect Concealed Carry Gun.  If you have asked around much after reading that, you now realize how many different opinions you can get on what the best caliber choice is.  Now it’s […]

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IWB Holsters - Discrete Defense Solutions, Larned KS

Things To Consider When Choosing A CC Gun: Caliber

Part 1 – Things To Consider When Choosing A CC Gun: Caliber To someone who is unfamiliar with guns in general, and more specifically concealed carry handguns, choosing a pistol for cc purposes can be a daunting task.  There are so many choices available and attempting to understand all the nuances of the various calibers, […]

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TSA officals at Norfolk airport demonstrate how to travel with firearms

September 30, 2014|By Diana McFarland, | Daily Press   In this post 9/11 era, it’s still possible to travel by air with a gun – as long as it’s done correctly, according to the Transportation Security Administration. With hunting season coming up, TSA officials at Norfolk International Airport provided a quick demonstration on how […]

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Bedside firearm saves lives in Texas

By Thomas Lifson American Thinker   Lucky for a Texas man (and his family) that his state does not have the sort of restrictions on guns that New York and other states enforce. The gun he kept near his bed prevented a possible tragedy. Andrew Horanksy of KHOU TV in Houston reports: A man opened […]

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