Choosing The Right Concealed Carry Belt

So you’ve decided to carry on a daily basis. You picked your gun and your holster. But there’s something else to consider. It’s absolutely critical to have the right belt for your everyday concealed carry. Anyone who regularly draws from a holster knows a bad belt will impede your ability to properly pull the gun out quickly and properly. And that’s the whole point.

In our opinion, there’s four really important qualities to consider when you’re choosing your ideal belt.

First is quality material. Leather or synthetic leather is best.

Next is proper width. If it’s too wide, good luck fitting the loops. Too narrow and the sidearm will move too much. Getting it right here matters.

Stiffness is another consideration. This is often a function of stiffness. A good belt usually is double layered. Too stiff is too uncomfortable for daily wear. Not stiff enough, and it won’t support the weight of your firearm.

Finally, there’s length. Great gun belts are a little longer than normally sized, to allow for holding the firearm. You may need to look at a the maker’s recommendation to get it right.

Now, department store dress belts are designed to be stylish and to perform one basic task; holding up your pants. Department stores don’t design belts for carrying guns, but there are plenty of companies that do. Below is a list of a few you may want to consider.






Good luck on your journey to the right belt for your perfect concealed carry holster!

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