Discrete Defense Solutions Announces New Universal Mount Product

Larned, Kansas – January 13th 2016

Discrete Defense Solutions is proud to announce the latest addition to its product line, the Universal Mount Holster.  Arising from a need to be able to place a pistol in a safe, secure holster in various places around the house, in a vehicle, office, ATV or otherwise, this holster fills a need that our customers have been asking for.

“This was originally designed to mount inside a vehicle console, but that problem has already been solved by us and other providers.  This gives an old idea new versatility,” said Bob Rein, co-owner of Discrete Defense Solutions. “Currently, they are being used in home and office settings including under a nightstand or end table, under a desk, inside a closet, or in a cabinet.  Others are using them on their four wheelers and watercraft. They also come in handy to help organize your pistols inside your gun safe,” added Rein.

The Universal Mount Holster compliments the existing line of vehicle accessories.  The Console Holster is a valuable item in the marketplace, but this holster allows you to fasten it anywhere you wish in the vehicle.  As with all Discrete Defense products, ease of access to the firearm was paramount. Also in line with DDS products, all universal mounts are custom crafted to fit the specific piece they’ll be holding.

The mount will feature a reduced introductory price for the first two weeks it’s available, starting January 13th, 2016.

For more information please view the product at http://discretedefensesolutions.com/shop/gun-holsters/universal-mount-holster/


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