Protecting Your Rights As An AR-15 Owner

A little over a month ago, this petition was filed on the site. In just over a month, it received more than 187,000 digital signatures. Of course, recent tragic events have fueled much debate and speculation about the future of Ar-15’s and other similar rifles. Do they have a place in society? Do citizens deserve ownership of firearms like this?

Not surprisingly, our stance remains the same…guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But protecting your rights as an AR-15 owner requires action. It’s estimated that there are 20 to 30 million AR-15’s out in public circulation. Even considering that some people may own bulk rifles, there are easily more than a million responsible owners.  187,000 people signed a petition. More than a million owners need to take action. Write your senators about responsible gun ownership. Talk with local representatives about YOUR interest in keeping your right to bear whatever arms you deem appropriate. Vocal minorities will take advantage of current events to further their political agendas. Don’t get caught in the wash!

Obviously, as a seller of AR-15 truck mounts and other firearm holsters & accessories, we have an interest in this topic. But before Discrete Defense Solutions was even a concept, we were responsible gun owners with a passion for responsible gun ownership. Protecting your rights as an AR-15 owner would be an interest of ours even if no product was involved. The erosion of gun rights is a slippery slope.  The discussion points should be around background checks, stricter penalties for black market gun sales and severe punishment for violent criminals…not around punishing responsible citizens enjoying the second amendment.

So in closing, don’t fall prey to silence. Make your voice heard. Talk to your local and state politicians. Talk to your co-workers. Talk to your neighbors. Make sure your collective voice is heard on all fronts, while you still have a collective voice to speak with.

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