A Response To The Orlando Massacre

What happened in Orlando was nothing short of atrocious. Regardless of your stance on religion, sexual orientation or gun laws the bottom line is that was a terrible act by a terrible person. And that’s where the emphasis has to remain…on the person and their horrendous act of violence.

As we’ve seen before, whenever tragedy strikes politicians will look to capitalize on it for their own agendas. There’s already incredible rhetoric and social clamor for stricter gun laws, removing rights to carry AR style rifles or even own them and even complete abolishment of private gun ownership all together. It’s easy to sit back and say “that will never happen in my lifetime”, but the truth is that vocal minorities are forcing their agendas on Americans every single day.

the gunman from the orlando massacre is shown hereWith that in mind, it’s important that we frame this conversation correctly. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. People with distorted religious beliefs kill people. People who suffer from mental diseases kill people. People with a felonious record of violent crime kill people. That’s a minuscule fraction of the population and in no way reflective of responsible gun owners across this great land.

So, as those in the media look to position this as another reason that guns don’t have a role in our society, and politicians look to push through fear-based proposals while tragedy is fresh on our minds, it’s our job to re-frame the conversation. This was the act of a deranged person.

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Responsible gun ownership is a right, but it’s one that won’t persist for future generations if we don’t speak up during times like these. Obviously, we’re in the business of supplying concealed carry holsters for personal use. But having skin in the game doesn’t change the point of the message. Make sure your voice is heard. Make sure the conversation remains focused on the person’s act, not the machine used during it.

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