Review Of Our Top Selling Products

Universal Mount HolsterThe Universal Mount holster can be mounted anywhere…in your home, office, boat, ATV or truck. This product combines a .093″ Kydex back panel and a .060″ Kydex front panel and is custom formed to fit your Glock, HK, SIG, Smith and Wesson or any other of our available models of handgun.  This allows the holster to achieve positive retention without the need for a thumb-break or other method of retention.  The trigger guard is fully enclosed offering you that extra level of safety and security.  The back panel is formed with a 3/4″ offset to allow for easier gripping of the firearm when mounted against a solid surface. Direct to customer price is $50 plus shipping. Click here to purchase.


console holsterThe Custom Console Holster easily installs to your console lid with no tools needed!  Just open your console lid, place the holster on the side, and close the lid…that’s it. The outside panel of the Console Holster is formed to your specific weapon type and the console clasp is formed to your specific vehicle console. Since this product is custom formed to fit your specific vehicle console, there is absolutely no installation necessary. This product also enhances safety by employing the same positive retention and covered trigger guard features that are found in all Discrete Defense Solutions holsters. Direct to customer price is $50 plus shipping. Click here to purchase.


IWB holsterThis product is the best Concealed Carry IWB gun holster on the market today. We affectionately refer to this as “The Ugly Duckling”, but since it is designed NOT TO BE SEEN,  we don’t think you will mind it’s rugged looks.  Our Kydex IWB gun holster was created due to our inability to find a holster you could comfortably wear all day.  Unlike most Kydex IWB’s the body side of our holster is formed to fit your hip, instead of the weapon.  This insures that there are no pressure points digging into your body and the lower portion of the holster is shaped to avoid corners that poke or pinch the lower hip and leg. Direct to customer price is $75 plus shipping. Click here to purchase.

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