I’ve had a Discrete Defense Solutions holster since they began making them. I have probably 20 different holsters and this is the most secure and comfortable way to carry my Glock 19 that I have found. While teaching KS Concealed Carry Weapons Classes, the question always comes up about what type of holster to get and their IWB is always one of my recommendations.

Eli M.
Law Enforcement Officer and Firearms Instructor


Perfection! Hey guys just a quick note. I wanted to give you two thumbs up on your AR Console Mount. Being a gun enthusiast, a firearms instructor, and a law enforcement officer I was first skeptical of this product. Boy was I wrong!!! The SIG 556 sits in your mount perfectly and allows quick access from either door. The gun never moves while driving on any terrain. Keep up the outstanding work!!

Jeff K.
Law Enforcement Officer and Firearms Instructor


I have been a Law Enforcement Officer for over 17 years and have carried concealed for as long.  I have purchased countless conceal and carry holsters, always chasing the perfect one.  In 2013 I discovered the perfect holster from Discrete Defense Solutions.  The correct combination of size, weight and comfort was found.  I wear Discrete Defense Solutions holsters on a daily basis.  I believe in them enough to have them as my exclusive line of holsters for sale in my gun shop.  This may be the last holster you buy!

Brandon H.
Law Enforcement Officer and Owner of Brandon’s Guns


I just wanted to say that you guys at Discrete Defense hit it out of the park with this holster!  Finally, someone has taken the time to manufacture a holster that isn’t just a single piece of cheap molded kydex with 2 belt loops on it (I have a whole dresser drawer filled with these annoying holsters that are too painful to wear on my hip and hurt like hell after long durations stashed on my lower back).  The molded back on the holster you made for my HK .40 subcompact makes a HUGE difference comfort-wise and it fits snug on my hip – and the fabric lining on the back actually allows me wear it without an undershirt or having to stuff a piece of an old t-shirt between the holster and my hip.  Your belt clips are also huge improvement over the sloppy universal leather belt loops on my other holsters – which sometimes stuck out and caused the occasional “printing” problem.  Great product and fast shipping to boot!

Lance M.
Concealed Carry License Holder