Facebook’s Best AR Truck Console Mount


  • Installs easily with no tools.  Just open the Console Lid, place inside, and shut lid!
  • Console Clasp fits between Console Lid and side.
  • Made from durable .093″ Kydex.
  • Easily removed and stowed when not in use.
  • Holds securely against your truck console.
  • Remove or replace in seconds by sliding Magazine into, or out of the Mount.
  • Prevents Optics from getting bumped and banged around the truck.
  • Models available for most modern Trucks and SUV’s.
  • Works with standard GI Mags or PMAGs
  • Passenger Side is suggested, but Driver Side is available and works well as Spare Magazine Holder.
  • Patented – US Patent D730483
  • Don’t see your Vehicle listed or have Questions?  Please Contact Us!


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Discrete Defense Solutions has broken new ground with the Truck Console mount, we like to consider it the modern version of the old truck rack.  Whether you are a Law Enforcement Officer, Hunter, Avid Shooter, or a Farmer this simple and economical, yet effective device solves all of the problems of transporting to the range or to the field.

We have all had the dilemma of finding a suitable place in the truck for our AR to safely ride to the range or to our favorite hunting spot, and many of us have resorted to wedging the magazine between the seat and the console.  We also know what happens after you hit a few potholes and apply the brakes a few times…… it inevitably goes slipping out into the floorboard.  Not only is this unsafe, but can cause scratching and other damage to your favorite AR and can certainly ruin the zero on your optic, and with the high price of ammo nobody wants to re-zero an optic.

Not anymore!  All you have to do now is lift the lid on your console, place the Truck Console Mount onto the wall of the console, close the lid and BAM! you will never have to worry about any of those issues again.  You then simply rotate the magazine into the sleeve on the mount and your AR will ride right along with you.  It takes only a few seconds!  When you are ready to remove the AR, you lift the buttstock to rotate the rifle out of the AR Truck Console Mount.  All of this is effortless and takes only a second or two!

If you are a Law Enforcement Officer, the AR Truck Console Mount allows you to easily, and quickly deploy from either door or sitting in either seat.  If you need something more custom for your department or to work in a patrol sedan, please contact us!  We have already helped some agencies find a solution to their problems and hope to help many more!

Please practice safety and never transport while loaded!

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